Catholic School Council

The Catholic School Council is an advisory body. The Council provides advice to the school Principal, and where appropriate to the school board on a number of matters. The partnership of school and School Council helps to build mutual understanding and interaction between school and its community, resulting in benefits for both. Advantages of becoming a School Council member include being an important partner in the education system, contributing to the shared goal of improving student achievement and well-being, having a vehicle through which to express opinions, and keeping informed about what is happening at the school. Participating on the School Council is a rewarding experience.

Value the opportunity to make a difference in your children’s achievement and well-being. Sign up to become a council member or attend council meetings to stay informed.

Executive Members

  • Chair:  Ms. Meeta Kirkham
  • Treasurer: Ms. Melanie Wu
  • Secretary: Ms. Mignonne Harold
  • Staff Representative: Ms. Leanne Nardi
  • Voting Members: Ila Bansal, Celia Ciotola, Elaine Coelho, Patil Demerji, Dora Ho, Catherine Ger, Miyoung Lee, Ling Liu, Flora Lu, Pauline Kay, Elfriede Klemmer, Gisela Koehl, Patricia Miyashiro, Connie Pugliese-Riolino, Hieronim Teresinski, Sheila Zahraei, Tracy Zhao, Bahia Zitouni