Catholic School Council

The Catholic School Council is an advisory body. The Council provides advice to the school Principal, and where appropriate to the school board on a number of matters. The partnership of school and School Council helps to build mutual understanding and interaction between school and its community, resulting in benefits for both. Advantages of becoming a School Council member include being an important partner in the education system, contributing to the shared goal of improving student achievement and well-being, having a vehicle through which to express opinions, and keeping informed about what is happening at the school. Participating on the School Council is a rewarding experience.

Value the opportunity to make a difference in your children’s achievement and well-being. Sign up to become a council member or attend council meetings to stay informed.

Executive Members

Chair: Elaine Coelho

Co-Chair: Jeff Cai

Secretary: Lydia Luo

Treasurer: Skye Wang

OAPCE Representative: Helenna Huang

Voting Members

Jeff Cai, Aileen Chen, Elaine Coelho, Sayf Gazala, Afsheen Hameed, Sam He, Elizabeth Ho, Helenna Huang, Maryam Jariani, Ioanna Kafkopoulou, Lucy Li, Yan Liu, Wenhui Lu, Lydia Luo, Raheleh Mohsenigerdehkohi, Patricia Miyashiro, Connie Pugliese-Riolino, Joan Qian, Ling Qian, Rachel Sun, Hieronim Teresinski, Ann Wang, Cong Wang, Florence Wang, Jun Wang, Skye Wang, Shelley Zhang