Grade 9 KickStart Summer Program

We are excited to welcome your child to our St. Robert CHS family to begin their high school career.  The transition from elementary school to high school marks the beginning of a new chapter in your child’s educational journey. Students are often nervous about this step as they wonder if they will be successful in their academics, meet new friends, or be accepted for who they are.

The staff at SRH want to help ensure a smooth start to the high school journey and have put together a program called KickStart. Here are highlights of the program.

  • Develop literacy skills

  • Develop numeracy skills

  • Focus on student well-being and daily activity

  • Earn your 1st High School Credit

  • Make New Friends

The KickStart Program is a summer program that is offered at SRH only for students who will be attending SRH for grade 9. Students will earn a high school credit towards their Ontario Secondary School Diploma.  This is the first year that KickStart is beginning at St. Robert and we know that it will be successful.

The course will be delivered in-school or virtually, depending on the restrictions that may be in place.  If taught virtually, Google classroom will be the platform used.

Program Dates: July 2nd – July 24th Time: 8:30 am – 3:00 pm

Registration is quick and easy, just click here.

Additional information and registration procedures are included.  Once registered, you will receive updates and more detailed information via email in June as we get closer to the program start date.

Stay safe and healthy!