All students must wear the official school uniform which is provided by DGN Kilters.

Mandatory items

  • White golf shirts, short and long sleeve (with school crest) – with white undershirt only
  • Black DGN Kilters pants for boys and girls
  • Solid, all black footwear / no boots, flip-flops or sandals, no open toed or open heeled shoes – no stripes, insignias or logos

Additional Pieces

Additional pieces that may be purchased and worn over the basic uniform include the following:

  • green knit sweater
  • green fleece sweater

In addition, students who are members of a club, activity or school team may wear a sweatshirt ordered through the Phys. Ed. Department. These sweatshirts are

  • Dark green with team or activity embroidered on the front
  • Name on the sleeve
  • Number on the other sleeve
  • Activity on the back in white lettering.
  • These items will be sold at a cost to students.

Disciplinary consequences will be imposed for students not wearing the full uniform properly.