Health & Physical Education

We offer Healthy Active Living (PPL) courses at the junior level where students are exposed to a wide variety of physical activity & health units. At the senior level, we offer Healthy Active Living (PPL), Personal and Fitness Activities (PAF), and Introductory Kinesiology courses which lead to the Workplace, College, and University Pathways.

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The Mathematics Department offers education to grades 9-12 and encourages mathematical critical thinking. Our programs are designed to promote numeracy and grow the mind’s capacity for logical reasoning. Please check out the Mathematics Department website and Twitter feed for the latest news.

Mathematics Website


The Religion Department provides students with the unique opportunity to be immersed in the rich traditions of Catholic Christianity. Students are challenged to live a life of charitable action in thought and deed. Informed by the Bible and the teachings of the Church, our comprehensive religious education program teaches students to think critically, live responsibly, and grow spiritually.

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The science department offers courses in all science disciplines including biology, chemistry, physics and environmental sciences. These courses are open to students of all pathways. We also offer science-focused extracurricular activities that provide students with opportunities at the school level and beyond.