DGN Kilters is the YCDSB official uniform provider.  DGN Kilters has been under contract with our school board for the past two years.

They are located at 4855 14th Avenue Unit #3, Markham or order online at  www.dgn-kilters.com   1-800-437-5872

DGN Kilters only carries items that are part of the school uniform, they will not sell you anything that is not part of the uniform.

Acceptable items:

  • black dress pants with school logo
  • short or long sleeve golf shirt with logo
  • 1/4 zipper sweat shirt with logo
  • v neck sweater with logo

** full zippered sweatshirt with logo will be honoured until June 2018

Shoes are to be all black – they can be a formal dress shoe or running shoe.  Sandals, or open toed shoes, and boots are not acceptable.

Scarves and headbands are not part of the uniform.  Students will be asked to remove this item if they are wearing it.